In 1999, we decided to invest time and care into creating up-market accommodation to complement our vast agricultural estate. By combining the comfort and grandeur of a historic manor house with the purity of eco-tourism, we welcome guests into our home. The Palace itself is large and roomy, with walls that are 1.20m (4ft) thick! These manage to keep the house cool even in the most punishing of temperatures. But if you visit when it is colder, those same thick walls and our large fireplaces mean the house remains warm and cosy.

Officially classed as being of historical and architectural value, Palma Palace offers a perfect mixture of modern comfort and traditional Portuguese living.  Here you can sip your pre-dinner drinks on our glass-covered terrace as you watch the sunset. Eat in either of our two dining rooms and maybe play a game of billiards in the billiard room, before retiring to one of the four large ensuite bedrooms. Maid service is included, so you don’t even have to make the beds!

Our farm and our family’s farms around it comprise of about 15,000 hectares (37,065 acres). Fishing is available on our private lakes, where you can catch black bass or carp. You can either fish from the shore or take a dinghy onto the water, to try your luck!

Birdwatching is also an option, with hides and locations dotted throughout the grounds. Trekking can be arranged as well.

If history and local culture are more your thing, there are Roman, Phoenician and Moorish ruins nearby, as well as many interesting, historic, picturesque towns and villages.

On a day off from sightseeing, our large gardens offer a variety of activities. You can laze by our salt-water pool, practice your golf swing using the driving net, play table tennis or croquet, bounce on the 4m wide trampoline or play speed ball. If alfresco cooking appeals, there is a barbecue and a wood-fired oven.

Also nearby are golf courses, as well as the impressive ecological reserve on the Sado River and the 70km (44 miles) stretch of uninterrupted, uniquely unspoilt and unpopulated beach from Troia to Sines.

If being even closer to nature appeals, we have two small houses to let, precisely 8km and 11km from the Palace. One house boasts a wonderful view over the lakes while the other is at the centre of our agricultural estate.

In this age of social networking, we have also recently published, online and on Facebook, information on cash-crop production (link: HERE) and fishing at our reservoirs (link: HERE). Please feel free to take a look if you are interested.

Palma Palace is available for exclusive rental, 3 nights minimum, comfortably accommodating a maximum of 11 people.  Price is €500.00 +6%TVA per night.

Do visit us and learn more.


Lourenço Posser de Andrade


*Research is now  being conducted in order to discover more precise facts on the  pre-Roman origin of the main village on the farm, and the role that our “Palácio Velho de Palma”  therein located, played during the origins of Portugal as an independent country in the 12th century, right up to more recent verbal and written records kept within our family.