During your stay at Palma Palace, you have unlimited, free-of-charge access to our several private, pollution-free lakes and reservoirs, where you can enjoy catch-and-release fishing of blackbass or carp. You can even request to catch and cook your own fish, up to three per stay. Furthermore, there is no limit whatsoever on crayfish.

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Enjoy our Regional Tour

Regional Tours

The area is rich in historical and cultural interest, from Roman and Phoenician ruins, to fine examples of Christian and Moorish architecture… as well as delicious local cuisine and wine to enjoy.

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Enjoy our Bird Watching activities

Bird watching

For those interested in birdlife, there are hides and locations situated by our forests, glades and reservoirs. The Palace is also within close vicinity of the renowned Sado River bird and dolphin sanctuary.

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Enjoy our Astronomical Observation activities


Due it its low levels of light pollution, Palma Palace offers several vantage points where our guests can gaze at the galaxies, undisturbed.

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